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Mindset  & Strategy
Business Coaching
Transformational Business Coaching For Small Businesses

Vikki Amour - Mindset and Strategy Business Coach

Achieve success with the help of an experienced business coach. Unlock your potential, grow your confidence and take charge of your future. 

Business is:
95% Mindset
5% Strategy

-Bob Proctor
How to set goals in business

11 Things All Small Business Owners Ought To Know When Setting Business Goals

🙋 Are you screaming internally
BUT.. where do I start?"

Have you ever stood in front of a mirror and thought “there HAS to be more to life than this?”

The first time I asked myself that was in 2018, I stood in front of a mirror shouting internally THERE HAS TO BE MORE THAN THIS!  I was burned out, stressed out, overworked and feeling STUCK in life and in my business.


That is how I went from a lifetime career in bookkeeping and accountancy and 12 years in business to mindset and strategy business coaching. 

I am an enthusiastic mindset and strategy business coach, passionate about working with business owners to turn their business vision into reality. I work with you to find your true calling, create clarity and a plan for the future. I am passionate about helping people build businesses that are aligned with their values, purpose and passions.


As well as coaching I also offer my online courses to over 1000 students in 92 countries. 

Amour Business Coaching - About Me - Vikki Amour



Peggy Cheyo
Women's Empowerment Coach

Vikki has been an amazing coach for my business.
I often have 20 ideas a minute and get easily muddled up and overwhelmed in the middle. But Vikki helped me to find direction and get momentum.
I now have paid clients and am starting my first course next week all thanks to Vikki.

How To Work With Me


Mindset & Strategy

Business Coaching

As your Mindset & Strategy Business Coach I will work with you to reconnect with your DREAM and goals for your business, what you LOVE about your business, and then create a strategy and plan to turn that into reality.

Helping entrepreneurs and small business owners achieve success by developing strategies to grow their confidence in themselves and their business while reaching their business goals.


Kellieanne O'Shea
Coach & International Author

I Kellieanne have had the greatest opportunity to work with Vikki, it has been the most amazing experience – her kindness shines through in her words and her listening. Vikki has really helped me to prioritise and shift what I have needed to within my business and personal life. She has guided me through so many breakthroughs and given 100% support at every moment. Sharing the journey with her has been so amazing and fun. Vikki is passionate and makes the session so calm and it always flows so fast. I love laughing with her and getting tears because she reminds me of the progress we are making and the direction to stay focused on. The quality of each and every session is 100% I always feel relaxed and ready to face any challenge that may arise. I would highly recommend Vikki as a coach to anyone who wants direction, who wants positive and honest support and someone who has genuine passion for her work. Vikki shows 100% commitment to helping get results. Thankyou Vikki for each and every session I really look forward to continually work with you

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