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Business Start Up  Bootcamp

The first couple of years in business is like a rocket getting ready for take off -

If you've not set your flight plan (business plan and clear end result goals), checked you've got enough fuel for the journey (financial goals) and done all of the critical checks (cashflow / mindset/ business toolbox) how can you press the launch button and expect to get to your destination?

Welcome to the 12 week intensive

Business StartUp Boot Camp!

One to One Business Coaching

"Business coaching requires you to not just think about how you can improve but to look at how you can improve and create a plan and put that into action."

Not sure if coaching is for you?

I want to learn about you and your business.

So why not book a free 30 minute consultation (usually valued at £75) with me (Vikki) to explore if business coaching is for you and if we can work together?



Kellieanne O'Shea

I Kellieanne have had the greatest opportunity to work with Vikki, it has been the most amazing experience – her kindness shines through in her words and her listening. Vikki has really helped me to prioritise and shift what I have needed to within my business and personal life. She has guided me through so many breakthroughs and given 100% support at every moment. Sharing the journey with her has been so amazing and fun. Vikki is passionate and makes the session so calm and it always flows so fast. I love laughing with her and getting tears because she reminds me of the progress we are making and the direction to stay focused on. The quality of each and every session is 100% I always feel relaxed and ready to face any challenge that may arise. I would highly recommend Vikki as a coach to anyone who wants direction, who wants positive and honest support and someone who has genuine passion for her work. Vikki shows 100% commitment to helping get results. Thankyou Vikki for each and every session I really look forward to continually work with you

Throughout my career in not just coaching but also my accountancy career I have worked with a wide range of businesses in all economic environments so if you haven't already don't forget to book your free 30 minute consultation call (normally valued at £75) to find out if Business Coaching is for you.