What if you simply devoted this year to YOU and loving yourself more?


Have you have ever felt…

  • Too threatened by failure to go for something that you really wanted​

  • Too bogged down financially to think about the future and what you want for yourself?

  • Too daunted to even think about putting a cash flow or budget together to look at your spending and financial goals?

  • Have no work/life balance and work is taking over your life?

  • You've got a great business but it's not profitable and you can't work out why?


  • AMOUR – Love yourself!

  • MOTIVATION – How motivated do you feel?

  • OPPORTUNITY – Are you taking or missing opportunities in your life?

  • UNDERSTANDING - Would you like a better understanding of your relationship with money and yourself?

  • REAL LIFE -  No complicated jargon or unworkable techniques – real life, straight forward coaching

A FREE 30 minute consultation with Vikki to see if coaching could work for you and to see if AMOUR Consulting can help you with the goals and or way of life that you want...
FREE 30 Minute Consultation
30 min
FREE Consultation

Everyone is living with their own doubts, fears, self judgements, judgements of others...the list goes.  Some of us live in a culture where this is classed as "normal" and we are pushed to "just get on with it" and then some of us also live in a culture of positive thinking so if someone is feeling a bit down or having a bad day we feel like we shouldn't be feeling those emotions and we just need to think positively and it will change our day, which to some extent is correct however we also need to be able to feel ok with feeling those emotions and be able to work through those emotions as well, we are all feeling humans!

A.M.O.U.R Money Mindset and Business Coaching works with YOU to give YOU the tools to either put a plan in place for a business/financial goal that you've had but just don't seem to be achieving or we work with you to create a goal that you want to achieve and then put the plan in place to achieve that goal.  


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