What if you simply devoted this year to YOU?

Has your life completely changed and you are now ready to turn the dream of owning your own business into a reality?

You might be feeling:

  • Excited about the fantastic business idea you have but scared because you don't know where to start or how to launch your new business or what happens if you fail or you're not good enough?!  (Everyone has these fears especially when starting out in business for the first time)

  • Worried about managing your cash flow when you are self employed and you want a simple technique and tool to help you keep on top of this

  • Unsure about how to market your business and what tools will work best for your business

  • Alone, starting a business for the first time can be scary and lonely!  

If any of this sounds familiar AMOUR Business Start Up Boot Camp may be for you.  Click here to learn more


Do you own a business and feel like things HAVE to change?

You might be feeling:

  • Completely physically and mentally exhausted and run down and you want the tools to be able to comfortably delegate to your team

  • So overloaded with work it's not fun anymore and feeling like this is NOT why you went into business or your profession and you want to put structures in place to ease the pressure

  • You keep telling yourself you will get around to things and then day to day business gets in the way and you find yourself waking up at 2am because you've forgotten something that HAD to be done that day?

  • You have an amazing business, you're always busy but the business isn't cash rich or making a healthy profit and you want to set clear financial goals and learn a simple technique to monitor it?

  • You're constantly stressed and it's starting to affect your personal relationships 

  • All you seem to do is work and then you're completely exhausted or can't "switch off" when you're not at work 

  • Or your business has completely changed over the last year and now you want to create a new business plan, financial plan and set new goals on where you want to take your business next

Are you ready for change?

If any of this sounds familiar AMOUR Business Extraordinaire Coaching may be for you.  Click here to learn more



  • AMOUR – Love yourself and your business!

  • MOTIVATION – How motivated do you feel?

  • OPPORTUNITY – Are you taking or missing opportunities in your life?

  • UNDERSTANDING - Would you like a better understanding of your business cash flow?

  • REAL LIFE -  No complicated jargon or unworkable techniques – real life, straight forward coaching

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One to One Business Coaching

"Business coaching requires you to not just think about how you can improve but how you can improve and how to create a plan to put that into action."

AMOUR Business Extraordinaire Coaching pushes you to set a specific plan for improvement and stick to it!


AMOUR Business Start Up Boot Camp

Do you have a great business idea or new business but are unsure where to start?

Do you want to learn simple tools to manage your personal and business cash flow? 

AND create a killer business plan that you can use as a Road Map to Success?

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