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How many times do you hear

"know your customer"?

In the above video I explain how I learned a really important lesson on this!

I exhibited at an entrepreneurs expo and met 3 other Small Business Coaches:

We ALL coach small business 

We ALL coach startup businesses

We ALL work with COMPLETELY different businesses!

WHO do I work with?

In a nutshell - Small Businesses in the sense of Solopreneurs that are ALL of the departments in their business at the moment and small business owners with a few staff or work that is outsourced
StartUp Business Owners in their first 3 years of their first business that match all of the above.

  • Are you a Solopreneur or a small business owner with a few staff or you might outsource some of your work?

  • Are you all of the departments in your business and you work IN your business every day?  So YOU'RE carrying the weight of everything on your shoulders?

  • Does it feel like you're walking around in the dark at the moment and you want to get completely clear on where you're going and how you want to get there?

  • Have you created a glass ceiling for your business growth and you are struggling to push past that and want someone to challenge you in a constructive way?

  • Do you keep telling yourself you will get around to things and then day to day business gets in the way and you find yourself waking up at 2am because you've forgotten something that HAD to be done that day?

  • You have an amazing business, you're always busy but the business isn't cash rich or making a healthy profit and you want to set clear financial goals and look at why you're not making a profit?

Are you open to being coached and ready for change?

Are you all of the above and you're in your first 3 years of business and would prefer to grow with a group of liked minded business owners in the same position as you?

Not ready for 121 Coaching or the Business StartUp Boot Camp but you want to join a community of small business owners AND receive fortnightly group coaching, access to online courses and live trainings and masterclasses?



  • AMOUR – Love yourself and your business!

  • MOTIVATION – How motivated do you feel?

  • OPPORTUNITY – Are you taking or missing opportunities in your life?

  • UNDERSTANDING - Would you like a better understanding of your business plan/vision/finances?

  • REAL LIFE -  No complicated jargon or unworkable techniques – real life, straight forward coaching

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One to One Business Coaching

"Business coaching requires you to not just think about how you can improve but how you can improve and how to create a plan to put that into action."

AMOUR Business Extraordinaire Coaching pushes you to set a specific plan for improvement and stick to it!

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Not ready for 121 coaching but you want to join a community of other small business owners as well as receiving fortnightly and monthly trainings and group coaching?


Business Start Up Boot Camp

Do you have a great business idea or new business but are unsure where to start?

Do you want to learn simple tools to manage your personal and business cash flow? 

AND create a killer business plan that you can use as a Road Map to Success?
Online Meeting

Free Discovery Call

Not sure if coaching is for you and you want to find out more?

Book a free 30 minute discovery call with Vikki

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