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The Magic Of Alchemy In Business 
Boot Camp

12 Weeks - Intensive Training

Week 1 - 2 Day In Person Amazing Transformation Experience on a Ranch in Texas  (USA )

Weeks 2 - 11

Fortnightly Online  Development, Training & Coaching

Week 12 - Course Completion and Certificate   workshop

What is Alchemy In Business?


Alchemy is a centuries old  practice that incorporates science and spirituality.

✨ Alchemists turned cheap base metals into gold (scientific) ✨

✨ Alchemists turned their own lead/base metals (limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns) into gold (success, personal transformation, business transformation) - (spiritual) ✨

Sound exciting?  It is!


How does this relate to me & my business?

It doesn't matter how successful we are, we all have our own 'stuff' that can hold us back from going after what we really love!

✋ You've probably done a lot of personal development and work on eliminating/removing your limiting beliefs and it's helped but you're still not where you know you want to be (and you still have those niggles that, at times, hold you back)

✋ You know your business is meant for more but arrghh why is it not going to plan?

✋ You look at other business owners and they make it look so easy (running multiple companies, family time, multiple holidays and you're running close to exhausted, no personal time and working holidays just running one company!) and you want to start learning the secrets that they use.

You've had a challenging few years and you're ready to change that...

Fresh start in business

How many workshops have you attended that have got you excited about you and your business and then:


💡 Week 1 - You're taking action, everything is going amazingingly

👍 Week 2 - Day to day life & business starts to take over but you're still focused 

🤔 Week 3 - The workshop is becoming a distant memory?

🤯 Week 4 - What workshop? - NOTHING'S changed!

I'm disrupting   that format!

Take your business dream and make it a reality using the oldest business success teachings - Alchemy!

Amour  Business Coaching - Business boot camp

One thing you will find about doing this program is although we focus on you as the business owner  the tools you will learn will then have hugely positive affects in other areas of your life that you never would have even thought about before taking part.

Do you have any questions? 

Click here to email Vikki

Amour Business Coaching - Reviews

" I have been self employed in 2 separate businesses for the last 11 years. The second business is a new area to me. The Mindset course has taken me back to the basics of why I wanted to be self-employed along with realising the mind gremlins that hold me back from achieving my goals. Through the easy to follow videos and exercises set, my thoughts have changed and I am taking action to move forward.

I would recommend this course for both anyone starting a new business and persons that may be feeling stuck in their business and is ready to take an honest infantry of any mind-blocks.
I feel reignited and have been taking small actions daily in my business where previously I was procrastinating and blaming outside circumstances for the lack of business. "

Dawn Giffith

 " There were some really thought-provoking videos and challenging questions in the Mindset element of the Business Boot Camp, which led to a number of unexpected 'ah-ha' moments. I really enjoyed being challenged to think through how I view my work and indeed myself and seeing where my thoughts are holding me back. Although familiar with this area of work, I discovered a whole new set of 'rules' my thoughts play to, which hold me back from success. Great exchange of views and discussions with the group as a result. Very helpful!"

Tana Macpherson-Smith

Amour Business Coaching - Reviews
Alchemy in Business Boot Camp PACKAGES

What's included? 

✨ 12 week intensive training to take you from stuck to thriving ✨

✨ Before The Boot Camp Starts:

We meet 121 for a completely transformational process called the Genus Alignment Process -  together we will uncover what is actually holding you back from living in your true genius and creating the success you want. - this will set you up for the 2 day in person workshop.

The Genius Alignment Process is a tool I learned through my training with the Natural Success Academy and it has been absolutely life changing for me and the people I have taken through it which is why I am including this BEFORE we even get started

We will also agree how I can support you fully throughout the12 weeks (everyone is different and that is what makes us all so amazing)

 (this is a 3-4 hour intensive coaching call done over zoom)


Then we kick off the program with a 2 day in person amazing transformation workshop  held on a stunning Ranch in  Texas, USA 


You'll enjoy two days of intensive training that will get you started on your way to creating the business and life that YOU want  and at the end of the day   watch the sunset over the gorgeous Texas  hills and countryside and then experience a full Cowboy (yes I said Cowboy) style world class dinner and fun     evening entertainment.

​​This is where the magic really starts to happen!

If you're searching for a way to make a positive change in your life & business, this is the program for you. We're offering a unique opportunity to work on your transformation in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. This workshop is meant to get you moving forward in your business and change things up so that you've got a fresh perspective.


You'll have time to relax and enjoy the scenery, but you'll also get professional-level coaching. Not only will you walk away with a new outlook on life, but you'll come out with an intense focus on reaching your goals and becoming the person that you want to be.

This is an amazing opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and work on you & your business while you're surrounded by gorgeous scenery.

  •  2 x day kick off workshop      details:

    • USA - We will be staying on a ranch in Texas, the full 2 day experience will be hosted there. Your accommodation, food, drinks throughout the day and all additional experiences are included in the price - Travel to and from the venue and anything outside of the 2 x days (as mentioned above) is not included - (for full details on the itinerary download the brochure)​

​✨ Weeks 2 -10 - We meet fortnightly  on zoom (3 hour coaching & workshops) ​✨

After the successful completion of the 2 x Day Kick Off, where you've been empowered to start getting results and making your business a success, we're now ready to work on the next stage of your journey.

This is where we cement the training, development and transformation from the 2 days and more!  During these meetings we will work on your business transformation, strategy and growth as well as working through whatever comes up for you during that time. 

During these 10 weeks is when the action plan kicks in so it's not just fortnightly calls where we work together on your business - you will be taking action and making things happen in between the calls

(I want to see you succeed and I want you to have already started getting results before the end of the 12 weeks - this is where we change the format!)

​✨ Finally on week 12 we complete the program with a half day workshop (via zoom) to reflect   and complete the program. 

Please note, this is NOT for you if you cannot commit to the full program, play full out, be open to being coached, open to challenging your limits and ready to take massive action.


 ​A gift pack on arrival ​

✨ All workbooks and templates are included

 Full email and WhatsApp support throughout the program - Daily WhatsApp check-ins

✨ On completion of the program you will automatically receive 6 months pro membership to the Amour Mastermind Membership for ongoing accountability and development group coaching.

​​​Next Start dates:

17th October 2023  - In person, Texas USA


If you have any questions please contact Vikki on




Alchemy For Business

Texas,  USA



(£3000 - Charged in GBP)

✨ Payment plan available - The payment can be split into monthly payments however the full payment has to be received 4 weeks before the 2 x day kick off.


Genius Alignment Process - 3-4 Hours - 121 Truly Transformational Coaching Session With Vikki Amour (Amour Business Coaching's Business Coach)

Two Days Of In Person Intensive Training That Will Get You Started On Your Way To Creating The Business And Life That YOU Want