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Is Business Coaching For Me?

*A survey carried out in 2019 found that 58% of businesses already use a coach, 70% accepted business coaching is "very valuable" 12% of these confide in their coach more than anyone so it wasn't surprising that over half of them claimed to have lowered their feelings of anxiety by having a coach."

  • Has your business model completely changed during the pandemic and you want to take a step back to look at the road ahead?

  • Has your business grown and where you have been so focused on doing the work you feel like your working in organised (or maybe disorganised)  chaos and you need to create structure and organisational systems but don't know where to start?

  • Are you being kept awake at night worrying things have been missed or worrying about the 101 things that need to be done?​

  • Are you worried you’re not working as financially slick as you could be whilst not jeopardising the value you offer your customers?


  • Do you have a great team working for you but you seem to the only one working long hours and struggling to make sure everything is done and done properly and you want this to change?

  • Do you want to set realistic business and financial goals and have tools in place that you can use as a benchmark to make sure you’re on track?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions and you're ready to start making changes AMOUR Business Extraordinaire Coaching may be for you.  Book a FREE discovery call now

Unlike others A.M.O.U.R Business Extraordinaire Coaching uses a 4 step framework to establish the ideal environment and structural standards for your success.  We work with YOU as the business owner to get clear on what you want and to put an action plan in place on how you can get there

"Don't set business goals and then try to build a lifestyle around those goals... build a set

of life goals and then build a business that supports that lifestyle" - Brad Sugars





  • 12 x Weekly 45 minute One 2 One Business Coaching Calls ​​

    • Some of the things we can explore during these calls are below however this is a personalised coaching experience so it will be tailored to you and your business needs

  • 4 Step A.M.O.U.R Business Extraordinaire Framework:

    • The 4 Step A.M.O.U.R Business Extraordinaire Model is looking to establish the ideal environmental and structural standards for your business success.

  • Overcome Barriers 

    • We will explore any barriers that you might have and put in place strategies to overcome them (An example might be: Do you delegate so that you can focus on the strategic side of the business and growing it or are you so caught up in the day to day that there aren't enough hours in the day? Or you might not feel comfortable delegating certain tasks because you're worried they won't be done to the standard you have set - are your team completely clear on what your standards are so that you can feel comfortable delegating?)

  • Vision, Values and Mission

    • When was the last time you visited your business and financial plan?  Are you ready to update it?

      • Please note: YOU are the expert in your business, I will not be advising you on what to do with your business, this is a space for you to get clear on where you are going and what you want

  • 90 Day Personalised Business Action Plan 

    • Broken down into achievable daily/weekly/monthly steps that we tweak as necessary throughout the 90 days that are based on the business goals that you set in your business plan

  • Accountability Coaching

    • You will set your action plan for during the week and then you have a level of accountability to complete them before our next session


  • Business Financial goals

    • If you want to include financial goals within your business goals we will create an excel business budget AND cash flow forecasts  (If you already have these in place, great, we can use these when you are setting your business financial goals) - please note this is a holistic coaching session, I do not provide financial advice or tell you what to do with your money

  • Unlimited email support

  • A bonus 1 hour session 3 months after our sessions finish 

To book this package please book a free 30 minute discovery call or email us at

*Survey carried out by International Coaching Federation (ICF)



Tammy Huxtable

Over the past 3 months Vikki has been holding an incredible space for me, stretching my awareness and helping me gain clarity where I previously had such limitations. The goals steps and strategies I have in plan now for my business through Vikki’s support and knowledge I believe are a real game changer. I can undoubtedly recommend Vikki.

Tel: 07884 217 356


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