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introduction to business planning
why, what & how

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Starting and running a small business can be like walking around in the dark at times, especially when times are hard or you're just starting out!

Having a clear business vision and plan for your business is the difference between setting your GPS to take you from Scotland to England and then trying to work out where you want to go compared to setting your GPS to go from a postcode in Edinburgh to a postcode in London!

If you have never sat down and written down your business plan or thought about where you want to go in your business it can be daunting so lets do it together.

In this online course we go through step by step everything you need to create a business plan that you can use in your business. 


It's a great opportunity to get excited about your business and your business future and work out how you want to get from where you are to where you want to be.  

I believe your business plan is something that you use in your business to set goals, remind yourself to celebrate the wins (how easy is it to just focus on everything going wrong and completely disregard EVERYTHING you have done right so far) and also use as your GPS so when you come to roadblocks, challenges and it feels like no matter what you do you just can't get it right, you will be able to come back to the work you're going to do in this course and reconnect.

Why, What, How

Why are these important in business?

How many times do you hear "know your ideal customer" "niche down" and you have absolutely no idea where to start?!

I wanted to serve every person and business worldwide when I first started out coaching... I wasn't clear on who I was actually serving and how I could help them - In short I was all over the place and it's an easy place to be for new business owners.  It took me a long time to get clear on this so in the course I have included the tools I used to finally niche down on who I wanted to work with and how I could help them.

When you're clear on WHO you want to work with it's a lot easier to look at where they are hanging out, what are their interests, how can you connect with them.

Another topic we are going to work on in this course is your competition.  Looking at what others are doing well can easily make you feel like a complete failure but that's NOT what we're doing in this course.

Looking at your competition in a different light can help you to use your competition to learn from, make sure you're pricing properly and not undercharging for your services and also see what they're doing that you could do better (what makes you stand out).

Are you ready to start business planning for your business?


Understanding Your Ideal Customer
  • Let's start with you - Reverse Engineer Your Superpowers
  • Getting to know your Ideal Customer
  • Your story and how it helps them
Know Your Competition
  • Who are your competition
  • What are they doing right / What are they not getting right
  • What makes you stand out
  • Are you pricing your services on par or are you undercharging?
Competition forces us to do out best
Business Mission, Vision and Values
  • WHY, WHAT and then HOW
  • Lets focus on WHY it's so important what you're doing
  • Then start thinking about what you want to create in your business
  • Company Values 
Create a killer business plan
  • Lets dive deep into your business together and create a plan for your success
  • You can use your finished business plan in your business to keep you on track
  • Set out what you want to achieve
  • Are you ready to get started?

What do you receive as part of the course?

  • Workbooks for each module

  • Business Plan Guide

  • Business Plan Template

  • Access to the AMOUR Business Coaching Membership community