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Reconnect With Your Passion In Business

Thursday 27th April 2023

4:30pm - 6:00pm (BST)

What is it about?


Is running a small business worth it?

The last few years for business owners have been exhausting so if you're doing something you don't really enjoy then no I don't think it's worth it


If you are doing what you love then 100% YES it's worth it!

William Whitecloud who runs the Natural Success training and is the author of the book The Magicians Way (if you haven't read and you're reading this, that should be your next book) explains that:
"we are all born into the wrong life and so many people go to
their grave never even asking themselves what their life purpose is or what they love doing"

When you think about how many working YEARS you have left in your business, how do you want to spend them?

Putting all of your time and energy into building and running a business that's "ok" but it pays the bills and for holidays?

Or focusing on creating a business that makes you want to jump out of bed every morning? Creating that business, you will never work another day in your life because you know you're changing peoples lives, doing what you love AND being paid for it!


In this interactive workshop I want to ask you the question - WHAT DO YOU LOVE DOING?


And is what you're doing everyday in your business what you absolutely love doing or are you doing what you think you 'should' be doing and now you're asking yourself why you're not enjoying your business like you thought you would when you first started out?

We are going to work through 3 steps to reconnecting with your business and how to use that to set a vision for the future

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You will receive the zoom link within 48 hours before the masterclass starts.  If you haven't received it please email me on

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