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Introduction to Business Planning

Saturday 3rd December 2022

11am - 4pm (BST)

What is it about?

The first couple of years in business is like a rocket getting ready for take off 

​The most important thing you can have in your business is a clear plan of where you want to get to and then an action plan to support that.

Having a clear VISION for your business is the difference between programming a sat nav to take you from somewhere in Scotland to somewhere in England compared to programming a sat nav to take from an address in say Edinburgh in Scotland to an address in London in England (house number, street name and full postcode!)

It can be a game changer for when you come across roadblocks, traffic jams, road works and all of the other obstacles that can come up when starting and running a small business.

In this masterclass we are going to work on your business vision and also tools you can use to keep you on track when it feels like everything is falling apart (we ALL have days and weeks like that especially as you're growing your business)! We will also touch on financial goal setting if we have time.

By the end of the masterclass you will have  -

  • Clear vision on where you want to take your business (GOALS)

  • Clear on WHY you are creating the business you are (YOUR WHY)

  • Who you want to work with and how your superpower skills and experience can be reverse engineered to work out who will benefit from working with you the most

  • Group Coaching Call - Practice and concretize what you're learning as well as receiving Business Coaching from AMOUR Coaching's Head Coach, Vikki

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