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Procrastination - We all do it!

I saw this quote today and it got me thinking about how I spent my Sunday We all do this ESPECIALLY when you're running a small business or starting out in business...

"Every day spent procrastinating is another day spent worrying about that thing. Do it now and move on with your life!"

What would you do with a blank cheque?

When you set financial goals in your business are you setting goals that excite you that are going to take some work or are you holding yourself back and not challenging yourself?

Are your stories holding you back?

This is a video taken from the Mindset in Business online course that talk abouts how the stories we tell ourselves (usually unconsciously) can affect not just our businesses but our lives as well! 

This video is how I came to realise how my stories were holding me back.

webinar replay

Introduction to Financial goal setting in business

"What's the difference between financial goal setting and cash flow forecasting" is a question I am asked ALOT!

This is for start up business owners that are interested in learning about how to price your products, what financial goals are and also how to set goals that you will stick to.

In this introduction to financial goal setting in business we are going to start exploring:

  • What is your end goal? - Do you have a clear financial goal for your business

  • How to calculate what your earning potential is with your current business model

  • Introduction to product pricing - Make sure you're not working for free!

  • A fantastic exercise to create an action plan you'll stick to!

All templates can be downloaded below

Download the templates for the Introduction to Financial Goal Setting Replay

To download the pdf as shown in the video you can download it here: (it will download as a pdf) for the templates that you can use please complete the form below to access the templates that you can start using TODAY to work out what YOUR next step is in your business!