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Amour business Coaching

You run a small business, and there's no doubt that it's not easy!

The last few years for business owners have been exhausting - so it's no wonder there's a huge shift happening at the moment where business owners are stopping and asking themselves if what they're doing is what they really love doing and if their vision now matches how they imagined it when they first started out.


It's so easy to feel isolated when you're putting in the long hours to keep your business running in the times we are living in. You can work hard on your own, but you'll be better equipped to reach your goals with a little help from a community of other small business owners.


What do you do?


To put this into perspective, let me tell you about my experience:

- I did the same thing for 11 years

- I was stressed, burned out and miserable

- I wanted more for myself

- I made the decision to change 

- I made my life fulfillment and happiness my top priority

- I got involved with other coaches who helped me grow as a person

- I found something I absolutely love doing every day

- I'm building an online community around that

- Now I help others do that too

You don't have to go it alone!

There's a lot that goes into running a small business, but you're the only one who can make your dreams come alive—that's why it can seem so isolating at times. When you're in a group of other small business owners, though, you've got the support network you need to get to where you want to be.

According to recent statistics* out of the 5.5 million UK private businesses 75% of them do not employ anyone aside from the owner(s) 

Running a small business can be very rewarding but it can also be a very solitary and lonely place. If you're serious about making your way in the world, it helps to have some company and that's where the AMOUR Business Coaching Membership comes in.


Connect with a group of people who, like you, are working on their own small businesses and come together to talk about our successes and struggles, as well as to lend each other support along the way.

In addition to being able to join fellow entrepreneurs in the online community, I also send out direct messages with questions and advice that can be tailored specifically for you as well as working on challenges you are having in person over zoom on the fortnightly group coaching calls.


Membership Services Table.png
Can you spend $1.64 a day on your business?
(Less than half a cup of coffee a day and probably a quarter of a cup if the prices keep increasing like they are!)

What will you receive for that $1.64?

Group Business Coaching - Do you want to reconnect with your vision for your business so that you're doing what you absolutely LOVE every day, with the support of Vikki (AMOUR Business Coaching's Business Coach) who has over 12 years experience running her own businesses working closely with small businesses to improve and grow their business?

Accountability Group - Do you want to be held accountable to achieving your goals? 
 (The American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) did a study on accountability and found that your chances of completing a goal increases to 65% if you tell someone about your commitment to it. Even more impressive, those odds raise 95% if you have a specific meeting with your accountability partner.)
Join an online community of other entrepenuers and small business owners
There's no reason to go it alone. Join our online community of small business owners, budding entrepreneurs, and other professionals who share your passion for success.

Member Only Discounts & Offers
Grab your exclusive member's discounts and perks on business coaching, tools and resources PLUS a host of other community benefits! You can receive exclusive members-only coaching discounts, access to live webinars, training, and a whole lot more. This is a veritable goldmine for growing your business!

Instant Access to ALL of the online Business Online Courses (Bought individually cost $99 each) and automatic all area access to future courses, masterclasses and business trainings released:

If you have a business to run—join now!