A.M.O.U.R Money Mindset Boot Camp.

Take Back Control Of Your Finances And Smash Any Limiting Beliefs You Have That Are Holding You Back From That NEXT LEVEL!



Unconsciously Spending and then feeling guilty afterwards?

Getting to the end of the month and you know you should have more than you have left and can't work out where it's gone?

Do you watch every penny and are then full of guilt if you spend anything on yourself?

Do you work every hour possible and then HUGELY undercharge for your time and services? Or even worse you do it for free and then resent it afterwards?

Do you dread conversations about your fees/prices with your customers?

Are your beliefs sabotaging your success? 
Do you have "money stories" that you learned growing up that are holding you back from financial success personally and in your business?
Are you ready to change that?
Do you look at your cash flow and budget once a year when you're looking back at the last year and planning for the year ahead? Are you ready to change that?
Or do you want a cash flow and don't know where to start?
Do you want to set clear achievable financial goals?
Do you want a clear action plan to achieve those goals?
Are you ready to put the work in to clear any limiting blocks that you have around money and to take MASSIVE action to achieve financial success?

What will you receive in A.M.O.U.R Money Mindset Boot Camp?

  • Initial 30 Minute One To One Call With Vikki To Discuss What You Want To Achieve From The Boot Camp So That Vikki Can Make Sure It Is Covered And You Are Supported Throughout The 6 Weeks

  • 6 Weeks - 6 Group Coaching Calls - These Will Be Personalised Based On The Goals Of You And The Rest Of Your Group - If you have paid in full and you have to miss a week you can watch the replay

  • Work Books To Assist The Work You Do Each Week - There will be a new work book each week

  • Annihilate Any Money Stories/ Beliefs That Are Holding You Back From That NEXT LEVEL

  • Improve Your Relationship With Money

  • Create A Personalised Cash Flow That You Understand And Can Use Going Forward

  • Set Realistic Clear Financial Goals Personally And In Your Business

  • Create A Clear Action Plan To Make Sure You Achieve Those Goals

  • Daily Accountability

  • Private FB Group (this continues after the Boot Camp ends)

  • Private WhatsApp Group - Keep Each Other Accountable And Continue The Support!


What Are The Logistics?

  • The A.M.O.U.R Money Mindset Boot Camp launches on 11th January 2021 for 6 weeks.  All calls will be held over zoom on a Monday evening (GMT) 

  • Daily WhatsApp and Facebook check ins and updates

  • You will receive an Excel cash flow template for Cash Flow week

  • A Money Mindset workbook that will relate to each weeks call


  • Receive Recordings Of All Of The Weekly Coaching Calls

  • An Additional 1 Hour One On One Call With Vikki After The Boot Camp Has Finished 

  • And Special Bonus Items.

Bookings are NOW OPEN!


If you want smash the beliefs that are holding you back from financial freedom, work out why you have the spending habits you do, create a cash flow you can use, set realistic financial goals and then have a group of like-minded people to hold you accountable for achieving those goals even after the 6 week Boot Camp ends then don't miss out BOOK NOW



Who Am I?
For 22 years I worked first as a Bookkeeper/ Finance Manager and then Accountant and ran my own businesses for 10 years.
For years I massively under charged for my services especially based on my experience because I didn't want to have those conversations with my clients and without realising it I didn't think I was worth charging more than I was.  I've always been great at working with my Clients to increase their income and wealth and to manage their spending but for a long time I wasn't "talking my talk"
I also grew up believing that money doesn't grow on trees which held me back massively, so I always had just enough to get to the end of the month but I was not on the path to financial freedom not anywhere near it!
Things really started to change for me when I hit rock bottom financially a few years ago through taking on a lot of debt after my Dad passed away.  During that time I realised how much of an impact my beliefs and the "stories" I was constantly thinking about money were impacting my financial success or lack of it and also keeping me in debt and keeping me in that situation where I only just had enough to get by (that was another money story I was running without realising it).  
It was messy at first changing my own beliefs that I could be successful and I was worth earning my true potential but I did the work and I am in a completely different place today personally and financially. 
One thing about doing this Boot Camp is although we focus on your Money Mindset and improving your finances this then feeds into other areas of your life that you never would have even thought about before taking part in the A.M.O.U.R Money Mindset Boot Camp.
Pay In Full Now And Receive:
  • Recordings Of All Of The Weekly Coaching Calls
  • An Additional 1 Hour One On One Call With Vikki After The Boot Camp Has Finished 
  • And Special Bonus Items. 

Tel: 07884 217 356

Email: vikki@amour.coach

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