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With the uncertain times that we are living in finances and money are high on most peoples minds.  Coming from an accounting background, I appreciate how stressful and scary this can be. 


Money Mindset Coaching is a holistic coaching experience with us working together to look at your relationship with money and work through any blocks that you might have that are holding you back from reaching your full financial potential and putting goals and plans in place to achieve those financial goals.

Our emotions and how we feel about money and our view of our finances can either push us to achieve financial freedom or sabotage us and hold us back from ever achieving anything near financial freedom.  By being aware of how we view our money and what financial freedom means to us can radically change your relationship with your finances.


We will also work together to create your cash flow so that you can visually see where you are now or tweak your current cash flow to look at where you are now and where you need to be to achieve your financial goals and from there you set professional goals and an action plan on how you are going to achieve your goals.

Having a clear plan for your money each month can help you see if you can cover your monthly obligations with your current income or if you have to make some adjustments. Having that clarity will help you make better decisions right now.




Is Money Mindset Coaching for you?

Do any of these sound familiar?

How do I create a healthy bank balance when I just keep spending?

Why is all of my hard work not providing me more income?

Why do I find it impossible to save?

I have money so why am I so anxious and worried about it all of the time?

I want to understand why I feel I'm not moving forward financially?

I want a better understanding of my money so that I can create some stability in my life!

A Money Mindset Coach can help you to:

Get a better understanding of what is driving your behaviour with money

Explore and identify your challenges, money blocks and sabotaging beliefs

Work to create empowering beliefs around money

Clarify your financial goals

Create an achievable action plan for your financial goals

Reduce stress and anxiety around money

Improve relationship with money and create new money habits

Align your personal goals around your new money mindset

Making money is a hobby that will compli
I want to know about you! This FREE 30 min call allows me to find out what your needs are and whether I am the right person for you.
30 min



  • 1 x initial 1 hour Financial Freedom Planning session

    • We will look at where you are now compared to where you want to be and we will explore what options you have available now to get you on the path to where you want to be financially.  

  • 7 x 45 minute money mindset coaching sessions over 14 weeks

    • Some of the things we can explore during these sessions are below however this is a personalised coaching experience so it will be tailored to you and your needs:

  • ​Overcome Limiting Beliefs and Money Blocks

    • During these sessions we will explore any blocks that you have around money that are holding you back and also any limiting beliefs that you have regarding money that are sabotaging you from reaching financial freedom.

  • Shift Your Mindset

    • We will work together to change your mindset around finances and money so that you can then go on to improve your relationship with money

  • Take Action

    • You will also create an action plan so that is in place for you to continue this after our sessions end


  • A bonus 1 hour session

    • 2 months after our sessions finish to check in to make sure you are on track 

  • Home study on the weeks we do not meet

    • This will be personalised to you based on our fortnightly sessions

  • A tailor made personalised cash flow for your business OR personal finances

Please note this is not a financial advisory or planning session, this is a holistic financial coaching experience designed to help you set and achieve clear goals around your finances and to have a basic understanding of how to budget and use a cash flow for your benefit.

To book this package please click the book now button below or to find out more please book a free 30 minute consultation or email me at​


If you would like to start tracking your expenses using a cash flow and need a template I have created some straight forward easy to use templates that you can download by clicking the button below.



Sergey Borovik

My phenomenal Money Mindset Coach.​

I want to express my deep gratitude to such a Wonderful Money Mindset Coach, as Vikki Amour. Our coaching sessions were full of Joy, Certainty, and Planning.


I was able to learn from her broad financial background, shifted my mind for growth, and set my financial goals. Also, she shared with my systems and tool which helped me to gain even more Clarity. On our every session I felt listened, validated, and acknowledged.



I recommend Vikki as an outstanding professional who can help everyone whether who is at the start of their journey to wealth and who wants to get to the next level. I trust you can get great value from sessions with that remarkable woman as I did and I’m looking forward to connecting with her further.

Tel: 07884 217 356


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