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Who am I and how have I ended up here?

For the last 21 years I have worked first as a Bookkeeper/ Finance Manager and then Accountant.  I have and continue to work with Sole Traders up to Medium Sized businesses over my accounting career. 

One thing that I have learned throughout my career is the importance of forecasting, planning and goal setting especially in business as this has helped businesses I have worked with see when they need to save for and also when to invest and when not to invest.  Especially with the uncertain times that we are living in cash flow and planning is important!

I decided to train in coaching during 2019, initially just for personal reasons.  I first studied and qualified as an NLP Associate Practitioner and I am and will continue to study as a Certified Coach with The Coaching Institute.

The Coaching Institute are constantly innovating and updating their teachings based on the latest tried and tested coaching and personal development techniques (and putting it into a language that makes sense and is achievable for anyone) which means I will always be able to pass this knowledge onto the individuals and businesses that I work with.

Knowing what a difference these tools and techniques made to me personally is what pushed me to start Amour Consulting.  I now work with people and businesses that want and are ready to commit and make changes and transformations in their lives and their businesses.  I pass on my previous knowledge and the teachings that I have learned and am still learning to help people transform their financial lives and businesses.

Qualifications & Training
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Associate Practitioner 

  • Financial & Leadership Mindset Coach

  • TCI Business Skills level 1 and 2

  • Foundation Level Extended Disc Profiling


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Email: amourconsulting@gmail.com

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