what is a personal breakthrough session?

Personal breakthrough sessions are an executive coaching experience. They are for anyone that wants to see a change in their life and wants that change to happen quickly. Quite often they attract people who have “tried everything” from self-help books, other therapy or coaching but have not quite managed to get to where they want to be.

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Have you have ever felt…

  • Too threatened by failure to go for something that you really wanted​

  • or too apprehensive or worried to share how you are really feeling​

  • or too comfortable with your success to take a chance on yourself to make your life better

  • or too intimidated to stand up for yourself when someone is putting you down

  • The list goes on...

Do you worry that:

  • You're not good enough?

  • You're not worth it?


Would you like to change this pattern of thinking and start being excited about you and your future?

What if you simply devoted some time to loving yourself?


We will work together to identify what is holding you back so that you can get to the root cause of why using NLP techniques and tried and tested coaching techniques 


You will discover how and why you have created the behaviour patterns that have knocked you off course, you will learn to free yourself from self-doubt, procrastination and limiting beliefs that have prevented you from fulfilling your dreams. You’ll start to see things from a new perspective, learn powerful techniques that you can implement yourself and you will be able to start enjoying life and focusing on YOU and YOUR future!


"You can give yourself permission to feel motivated, energised and to start loving yourself again!"


  • 6 x weekly one to one Personal Breakthrough Coaching sessions

  • Some of the things we might explore during these sessions (dependant on your personal needs) are:

  • Overcoming Limiting Beliefs - Remove and overcome beliefs and disruptive patterns that are holding you back

  • Shift Your Mindset - As Einstein said "You can't solve problems with the same kind of thinking you used to create them" 

  • Gain Clarity - Get clear on what YOU want from YOUR life - This is a fun session looking at what you want when you are living your ideal average day


  • Achieve Your Dreams - You will create a detailed action plan to achieve your ideal average day using the famous History Highway to create this

  • Transform Procrastination Into Action - How many times have you written out your dreams and life goals and then not thought about them or looked at them until the next time you're writing goals?  You will start taking action using your action plan during our sessions so that when we finish you have already taken the first steps which are usually the hardest

  • Unlimited email and message support throughout the time we work together 

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Mark Lestrange

I have been so lucky to work with Vikki she is amazing at what she does. She is so knowledgeable in all areas of NLP, I would recommend Vikki as a coach 100%. Thanks a million Vikki 👍

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Email: vikki@amour.coach

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