• Vikki

10 Reasons not to hire a coach

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Coaching is not for everyone!

If you are sort of interested in having coaching and have thought about making some changes and aren’t sure and don’t really know what you would want out of it then this probably isn’t the right time to hire a Coach.

Or if you’re thinking you can hire a Coach for an hour a week, pay for your weekly session and they are going to fix your life for you in that hour a week and the rest of the week you carry on as normal and don’t give it a second thought…..then coaching definitely is not for you!

Below are 10 more reasons NOT to hire a Coach....

1. You want someone that is going to answer all of your questions and fix everything FOR you

Coaching is about your Coach asking you questions to help to guide you to the answer for the questions that you have. YOU are the expert in your life and business not your Coach, your Coach is an expert in asking the right questions to help you to stop and take a step back and look for the solutions, YOU will be the one doing the work

2. You are looking for a business guru who is going to come into your business fix everything and turn it around FOR you

If this is what you want for your business then I would recommend looking for a mentor or management consultant. A coach will focus on how YOU can change your business and get clear on where you want to take it and create and put an action plan in place, the focus here is that YOU will be putting those things into place. A coach can also help you to stop and see the forest and not just the trees, you are the expert in your business that’s why you are in business and sometimes as a business owner it is easy to get so caught up in the day to day you can’t see the woods for the trees so having a business coach is a must if you want to take a step back and see the bigger picture and then put an action plan in place to take it to the next level.

3. You are stuck in the past and do not want to move into the future or change -

A Coach can help you to release old patterns that are holding you back, they will focus on the future and what you want in the future and hold you accountable to making the changes you say that you will so if you are not ready to change or move past your old beliefs and patterns then coaching is not for you. If you have deep seated trauma and are suffering from a mental illness then therapy or speaking to a trained psychologist is the way forward

4. You are not willing to be honest with yourself -

If you are not willing to be honest with where you are now then you won’t be able to be honest with where you want to be.

As Einstein said you cannot solve problems with the same thinking that created them.