20 Easy Steps To Visualise And Then Create Your Ideal Day

If you’ve done any self development courses you will have heard of the ideal average day exercise or something similar. It’s an exercise where you write what your ideal day would be if you were living your ideal life. In this blog post I am going to cover the steps to visualising your Ideal Day and how to achieve it.

I recently did this exercise again but I took it a step further and it has so much more meaning for me now which is why I wanted to share it with you.

Before I started my ideal average day I looked back through my journals and read what I’d written the last time I had done it (February 2020, boy I had no idea what was just about to happen!) Even then after I’d done the ideal average day I wrote down the 10 things I wanted to achieve in the next 12 months to get me on the right path to living my ideal day.

When I did that exercise and wrote those goals I had just been told I needed open heart surgery again as they thought the mechanical aortic heart valve I’d had fitted 4 years previously wasn’t working properly and in all honesty at the time I wasn’t in a great place health wise so I knew things needed to change drastically and that meant surgery at that time so a lot of my goals centred around: creating an easy to follow cash flow & business course during the 3 months recovery after the surgery (I had no idea I would have 3 months in lockdown just not the 3 months I had imagined), getting fitter and how amazing it was going to be to actually be able to go for long walks in the country with my ‘new valve' without getting so out of breath I felt like I was being suffocated. At the time of doing that exercise I was living in a flat in a built up area with not a lot of green areas to go walking and I had an extreme amount of stress I was dealing with but I knew I would be moving and things would calm down so one of my goals was to move more into the country with somewhere I could go walking, I had no idea where in the country. The goal I wrote was to be living in a 2 bedroomed house surrounded by countryside with my own garden (the below pictures are where I go walking every day now).

Then the pandemic hit and thankfully for me no surgeries happened. I did move during the first lockdown and because it had taken so long to find somewhere to move to, the 2 bedroom house with a garden that I rented I had only seen pictures of and not the best pictures at that and I didn’t know the area at all, it was further away than I had originally planned. The house I moved into and the area I moved to was EXACTLY as I had visualised it in my goals and ideal day! Once I’d moved a lot of the stress I had been under went and my priorities changed to focus on my health so I started walking. Initially just walking to the end of the road was a huge achievement and I remember the first time I hit that 1 mile milestone, it took me well over an hour but it was the best feeling ever. Now 12 months later most days I’m up to 6 miles and I now don’t need to have surgery. I also created the cash flow course, it is available on Udemy and I am on my way to having 100 students subscribed to it. Most of my 12 months goals and so much more I’ve achieved but one thing I really realised going back over what I had written last year is how much I have grown personally in the last 18 months.

So this time when I sat down to reassess my ideal day I started by looking back at the last 12 months and I wrote down everything I had achieved in my:


Professional life


Personal / family

When you look back at the last 12 months what have you achieved in these areas?

If you can list a minimum of 3 positives in e