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What is your road map for the next 12 months?

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Do you have a clear map showing the direction that you are going in or are you "travelling with no sat nav in an area you've never been to before?"

How much time are you spending on focusing where you are going next, where you want to be and how you are going to get there?

How much time are you focusing on everything that’s going wrong at the moment? Focusing on all of the BAD ways what is happening in the world at the moment is affecting you and your business and you’re glued to the news feeding your brain with all of the negative and awful things that are happening and then worrying about what’s going to happen to you, your family, your friends, your business?

OR are you focusing on both? How much time are you spending on both of them?

If you were to sit down now and be completely honest with yourself how do you feel when you’re focused on everything that’s going wrong and worrying about all of the negative ways this is affecting you and your business?

Now if you sit and think about all of the ways YOU can start to make changes now to pivot/adapt your business and where you want to take your business how does that make you feel?

I appreciate if you work in hospitality this is going to be harder than if you run an online shop! But if you do work in hospitality how can you pivot your business so that it works in the times we are living in now? Or if you run a business that was a face to face business previously (for example a lot of alternative therapies were only face to face before this) how can you pivot your business to adapt to the times we are living in now? AND how much bigger is your audience?

When you start focusing on making changes for the better and you make a DECISION to CHANGE NOW everything will start to change!

You’ll get your “mojo” back as they say. I am not saying this will be a walk in the park for everyone and it might take some of you longer to work out where to start, to start making those changes (I have included an exercise below if you would like some assistance in getting your plan set up) but at least when you are focused on this you are focused on making positive changes and moving forward! You are not worrying yourself sick just focusing on the negatives. If you keep focused on the negatives and don’t change anything then I promise you nothing will change and you will make yourself and everyone around you miserable while your business decreases and shrinks and then because you are focused on everything that is going wrong at the moment your business shrinking will confirm to you that you were right and it’s not worth it! Does that sound familiar?

An example of this is - If you drive, think of it like driving your car. When you’re driving where do you focus? Do you focus on the road ahead and the direction you are going in? Or do you focus on the bridge that you’re coming up to or the wall that is at the side of the road? What would happen if you focused solely on the wall and not the road ahead? You would crash your car into the wall!

I have mentioned this before I know! When you are putting together your road map for the times ahead have a plan A, plan B and plan C. I read a book recently called The Obstacle is The Way by Ryan Holiday (I would recommend reading it, it’s a fantastic book). One of the stories in that book is about a CEO of a company, her team had been working day and night on a launch of a new product they were launching and on the day before the launch she called a meeting and walked into the boardroom and asked for everyone’s attention. She then said “the product failed MASSIVELY, the launch never took, no one likes it, we haven’t sold anything and we’ve invested all of this time – What are we going to do now?! Now remember they haven’t even launched yet….. She wasn’t doing this to be negative or to disvalue the work that her team had done she was asking them for the plan B and plan C so if things didn’t go as expected first time they had their back up plans and they wouldn’t be completely and utterly disappointed and demotivated as they already had the road map for where to go if they hit that crossroad.

Do you have your plan A, B and C in place? Are you focusing on the road ahead and the direction you are going in or are you focused on the wall?

If you're not sure where to start try this exercise:

I would recommending sitting down and really thinking about WHY you do what you do first. Why do you love your business? (If you don’t love your business and you are unhappy is now a time to look into expanding or moving into another market that fills you with passion and that you love doing?)

Getting really clear about WHY you are in business and WHY you are doing what you are doing is key. This will help to relight the fire in your belly if you have been feeling disconnected/ unmotivated/ overwhelmed with everything happening recently.

When you are asking yourself WHY you are in business keep asking yourself the question until you can think of nothing else to write and then ask yourself again, you will be surprised at what comes up.

Now that you have your why, if you think about the next 12 – 24 months what do YOU want out of your business? I know this is completely counterintuitive to what most people tell you to focus on first but please play along with me.

What will you get out of this if you get your business to where you want it to be? Will that be a financial reward? A personal reward (you will hit a personal goal knowing that you did it and achieved what you set out to do?), will someone you love benefit from you getting to your business goals?

Write down 7 things that YOU will get from your business succeeding.

Still focusing on the next 12 – 24 months, what will your CUSTOMERS get from you succeeding?

How are you going to add value to their lives?

How are you going to make a difference in their lives by sharing what you do and doing it well?

Who are your customers? Has your ideal customer changed this year? If they have do you know who you want to serve now? How are you going to add value to their lives?

Write down 7 things that your CUSTOMERS will get from your business succeeding.

You now have 2 lists, one of what YOU want to achieve and one showing what your CUSTOMERS want. What do you have to do to start putting this into action?

What 3 things can you start doing daily that will get you towards fulfilling everything on those lists?

If you stop and look at what you are doing now, are you already doing things consistently to serve your customers and to get you closer to your goals? When was the last time you actually acknowledged the hard work and amazing things that you are doing already?

Now to put it into action!

You have your lists, you have 3 things you are doing consistently each day to get you to that goal. What are your timelines?

How are you going to market your new ideas?

Will you be using social media, emails, advertising? How are you going to monitor your return on the time you or your team are spending on those things?

I would suggest typing up your 3 daily things you are going to do consistently, what your ultimate goal is and ways you are going to measure if you are on track and putting it somewhere so that you are looking at it every day.

Not every day is going to be easy or straight forward and it’s so easy on a bad day to get into a headspace where you don’t think it’s going to work and you start questioning yourself. By having this in front of you it’s a reminder of where you were when you wrote this and a good way of doing a check to see where you are now. AND if nothing has changed and you’re going backwards then is it time for plan B or plan C?!

HOW DO YOU FEEL NOW? Having all of this in place and the beginnings of your road map, thinking about how you were feeling before you started this exercise to how you are now has your mood changed? Has your body position changed so you’re now standing a bit taller? Are you feeling more positive about the future now?

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