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Business Owners – Surviving the pandemic!

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

It’s now been 7 months since we first went into lockdown and I know from some of the business owners I work with the last 7 months have been adrenaline fuelled managed chaos! Adapting not only themselves but their staff, working environments and businesses to the “new way of working” whilst also running the day to day business has been and is stressful. (Note that I haven’t said the new normal, if it was normal it wouldn’t be new!)

Now that the government funding is starting to slow down (which is additional financial pressure to a lot of small business owners) and all staff are expected to be back at work if they can (which means managing and setting up staff working at home which is an additional stress for the business owner and can be an additional cost if the staff don’t have the equipment to work from home) and the message is to get back to as normal as we can while keeping working from home at a distance…


Yes YOU the business owner?

We can only run on adrenaline for so long before it starts affecting us personally, mentally, emotionally and starts seeping into other areas of our lives. This year has been jam packed with disruption, change and stress which are big factors in the cause of the fight or flight adrenaline to kick in and have a field day!

How much of your time and energy have you spent focusing on how your staff are doing and their wellbeing while also managing their productivity while working from home and also…running your business from a distance as well as strategizing new products and services and changing your business model to what will work now while managing your cash flow and planning for the next month, 3 months and 12 months?

Where have YOU got your support from? Have you had any support or have you been working full steam ahead and thinking you will deal with your stress at a later date when “there’s time”? Is there ever going to be a time? Have you put other things off because there just isn’t enough time or hours in the day at the moment?

If I was to ask you how this has affected you positively what would your answer be? Can you think of at least 3 positive things that are or will come out of this situation? How much time and energy have you spent on those things in the last 7 months?

If I was to ask to how this has affected you negatively what would your answer be? How much time and energy have you spent worrying about those things in the last 7 months?

Was it easier to think of the positives or the negatives? For most people the negatives would have been easy to think of and the positives would have taken some thought and then thinking back if I was to take a guess I would say for a lot of people most of their focus and energy has been spent on the negatives.

Now that you are aware of the positives and negatives and how much time and energy you are spending on each of them, how much time could you now make to focus more on the positives that are and will come out of this and less time worrying about the negatives?

By changing your focus to concentrate more on the positive things that are happening now and looking to the good things that are going to happen in the future how will that affect YOU? As well as benefitting your business!

If the future is not looking so bright at the moment can you think of ways to start adapting your business to change that outlook? Have you revisited your business and marketing plan recently and also gone through your cash flow with a fine toothcomb to see where you can make savings while you are focusing on growing the business in other more profitable areas?

Small businesses make up around 50% of the private sector turnover in the UK (according to the FSB UK Small Business Statistics) Small business owners are unsung heroes for the sheer persistence, hard work and determination that has been shown so far this year. So with that in mind please take a moment to give yourself a “cheers” no matter what is going on with your business. No one could have foreseen this happening this year and if you are still in business after everything that has happened then that’s a win to be celebrated!

If you would like some assistance and tools to change your focus/mindset if you’re struggling to see the positives at the moment and also a clear space to set an action plan why not book in for a FREE 30 minute consultation to see if my A.M.O.U.R Business Extraordinaire Coaching package is compatible for you?

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