Cash is King! Do you know what you need each month to survive?

Updated: Aug 13

We are living in unprecedented times at the moment and one thing that is on everyone's mind is CASH! The saying cash is king has never meant more than it does now. With that in mind, I have created simple downloadable cash flow templates that can be used for your personal use and for use in your business. There are extra rows in the cash flows for you to add additional expenses, you can also add extra rows to the income and expenses and it will automatically include those rows in the calculations. 

There is so much uncertainty with nearly everything at the moment, there doesn't need to be uncertainty with your finances! Having a clear plan for your money each month can help you see if you can cover your monthly obligations with your current income or if you have to make some adjustments.

You can download the free templates here

Or if you would like to delve into your relationship with money and work through any blocks that you might have as well as creating a personalised budget and cash flow together I offer a Money Mindset Coaching package which you can book here


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