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Feeling burned out and ready to quit your 9-5?

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

I've seen more and more articles and posts about individuals being completely burned out from working through the pandemic and employees thinking about quitting their 9-5 and going self employed.

According to an Insider article in July 2021:

Monster.com did a survey on 649 employees and a shocking 95% of workers said that they were thinking about quitting their jobs and the highest reason given was burnout!

I then had an article from the Metro Newspaper pop up titled "What is the right to disconnect" and it focused on a movement where employers can't contact their employees out of hours but the article said that although it was in a lot of countries it had not been discussed in the UK. It also covers how working from home has become the norm but employees are feeling like they can't switch their phone off and have to answer work calls out of hours so it's no wonder so many people are feeling burned out and ready to quit!

I completely get why so many people are feeling like this, I have worked throughout the whole pandemic and with all of the changes in what was available for businesses and the fear of what was going to happen next for the businesses I work with my phone went at all hours in the evenings and on weekends to the point I got another "weekend" phone so that I could put my work phone on do not disturb when I needed a break. I found myself working longer hours, weekends and not taking a break especially at the beginning. I know so many business owners that are still running like this and are close to if not at burnout themselves.

I am lucky enough now that when I need a timeout as long as I don't have anything scheduled I'll take a timeout but for employees to feel that if they don't answer their phones out of hours they might loose their jobs makes me wonder if there is going to be a new pandemic of people going self employed and choosing their working hours and starting to put themselves, their health and their mental health first.

Another thing that seems to be popping up a lot is people working a side hustle and building their business up so that they can leave their 9-5 and still be financially secure. I personally think this is a great way to make the transition from employed to self employed. It can be scary when you think about leaving the 9-5 and going out on your own and how your bills are going to be paid and the 100 other negative and scary thoughts that go through your head when you move from employed to a business owner.

All of these thoughts are completely natural and by building your business up on the side you will know when you have enough clients or business to be able to leave your 9-5 and go full time doing what you love and are passionate about.

Below are 5 things you can start doing (employee or business owner) to take a timeout:

  • Go for a walk in nature - When you're feeling like there aren't enough hours in the day and if you miss a call from your boss or a customer then it's game over the thought of taking a 30 minute walk seems crazy but just taking that time out, leaving your phone at home or putting it on do not disturb and playing a playlist that makes you want to dance in the street and sing at the top of your lungs can completely change your day, Why not schedule yourself a 30 minute appointment every day and use that time to go for a walk?

  • Have a cut off time for taking calls - Have a cut off time that if you are employed you agree with your boss beforehand or if you're a business owner you set yourself and unless it's a business or job breaker don't take work calls after that time. It is so easy to take a call at 9pm at night and before you know it you're on the phone until 10pm and you're wide awake and in full work mode after that call so it's another 2-3 hours before you can get to sleep and then you're up at the crack of dawn the following day and back working again wondering why you are feeling so worn out. Having a cut off time can prevent this from happening, I am not saying if you have things going on at work or in your business that you're not going to think about work in the evening but at least you can take steps to wind down and know that you're not going to be interrupted.

  • Take up meditating - Doing this has been a game changer for me! There are 1000's of guided meditations on You Tube if, like me, you struggle to turn off your internal chatter and relax. By listening to a guided meditation I have something to focus on and before I know it I'm completely relaxed and on the journey with the person I'm listening to. There are pages and pages of scientific proven health and personal benefits of meditation (that is another story for a completely different blog) but by setting aside even just 10 minutes in the morning or evening if you stick with it, you will notice differences you wouldn't have even thought about and they're all positive.

  • Turn off the TV and read or listen to a book - Do you enjoy crime series, high intensity TV dramas, horrors or even some reality TV shows? Do you find yourself sitting in front of the TV watching them and stressing about what has happened that day? By reading or listening to a book maybe one evening out of 7 about something positive can shift your mind from the stress of your day to day to a more positive future. I am reading a fantastic book by Claude Bristol called The Magic of Believing. If you are thinking about a career change or going into business for yourself this is an absolutely fantastic book to read while you start to make changes!

  • Schedule time to focus on your passion projects - If you are thinking about going self employed what is it you want to do? If you are doing that does it feel like fun and not work? Could you schedule say another evening of no TV and start focusing on how you can turn your passion into a business? If you are a business owner do you have any projects that you love doing and want to introduce in your business but you never have the time during the day to day to focus on them? Can you schedule an afternoon a week to focus on them? In the long run if you launch those passion projects are they going to improve your business and bring in more money? If they are can you afford not to schedule timeout to spend on them?

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