From Employed to Self Employed the Mindset Shift

Updated: May 1

With the launch of the AMOUR Business Start Up Boot Camp coming up soon I have been going through the content for the Boot Camp and one of the things that we cover is Mindset In Business and the transition from employed to self employed.

Millions of people dream of owning their own business and working for themselves but why do so few people actually do it AND make a success of it?

Apart from good planning for your business and finances which is imperative to it working there is something that is not talked about as much and that's mindset.

The mindset of an employee is completely different to the mindset of the business owner.

For example:

When you work for someone you want to keep their customers happy to keep your boss or the company owner happy but whatever happens you will still be paid your salary at the end of the pay period. When you work for yourself the customers that you were keeping happy to keep your boss happy are now your customers and if you upset them and loose them then you don't get paid. This is a HUGE mindset shift and it can be really scary going from a regular income that you know is coming in to having that uncertainty of will you earn enough, will everyone pay you on time, do you have enough to cover not just your personal bills but also your business expenses.

Being able to choose what hours you work...

Being self employed is painted as such an amazing thing to do, you can choose the hours you work, you don't have a boss standing over you and you're in charge. Which is all true... however most of the successful business owners I know gave up working 9-5 with an hour lunchbreak (all paid) and every weekend off when they set their business up. What got me thinking about this was I woke up the other morning to messages from one of my Clients that had been sent between 11pm and midnight the previous night and I then replied and actioned them at 6am. If either of us worked for someone as an employee we wouldn't make or send calls or texts or reply to them outside of the normal 9-5 working hours but this changes when you work for yourself and if you're not careful you can end up running yourself into the ground, especially in the first few years of having your own business.

I spoke to an Electrician I know recently and we were talking about the Easter weekend coming up and both of us were saying how we were looking forward to 4 days off and hopefully some nice weather but then he said that he would probably be called out and would have to go out to the calls as he didn't want to loose that contract. If he was employed he wouldn't even think about work over those 4 days!

Another important factor in the transition from employed to self employed is being able to keep a positive mindset even on the weeks when everything is going wrong!