Is it possible to change our reality by changing our thinking?

I was listening to a motivational You Tube video the other day (I now can't find the video to share or I would have posted a link here as it was a fantastic video) and they mentioned a Shakespeare saying "there is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so" and it's really got me thinking about the power of our minds and how it shapes our reality not just in our finances but in all areas of our lives.

Two people can have the same thing happen to them and for one person it is like their world has ended but for the other person it's the best thing that has happened to them...

How can those people have such completely different views and experiences on the same thing?

An example of this which is relevant at the moment is 2 businesses might be going through a tight spot where cash flow is really tight, business has slowed down or business as normal has come to a complete stand still.

The first business owner (who might have had a company that went bankrupt in the past and they have never let go of that feeling that they're going to loose their business again or maybe they've always had that feeling for other reasons) feels like that's it, their business is over and they give up (I have purposefully not put a he or she as this can happen to any of us). In their mind and their thoughts there's no coming back from this so what's the point in trying, it's all over and then they focus on how it's all gone wrong, they're going to loose everything and now they're going to have to get a job working for someone else and then they start doubting why they ever went into business in the first place and they go down a rabbit hole into everything that's going to go wrong and then it does...have they made that happen with their focus and what they were thinking about or would it have happened anyway?

The second business owner (who might have had the same happen with a previous business but has taken the approach that it can happen to anyone and they learned a lot from that happening which has helped them grow this business) stops and takes a step back. They decide they were overdue going through their spending and budgets and they wanted to tighten their belt financially so this is a great opportunity to do that. They also use the spare time they have now as an opportunity to try out zoom networking and to learn how to use social media to market their business as they've been so busy previously this might have slipped. They know that now more than ever they need to start focusing on making sales and getting clear on what extra value they are adding to their customers and how they can adapt their business so they can continue trading no matter what happens. All they are focused on is solutions and what they can do to better serve their customers, adapt the way they are working and boost business and although they have a tight few months while they are putting this in place and they live on a strict budget while they're adapting, their business succeeds and they're better than ever...would that have happened anyway to that business owner or was it because of their focus and thoughts?

All of the lockdowns since covid hit have affected everyone in such different ways which is why that saying has been on my mind so much. For some this has been the worst time of their lives. I know some people that have been nearly constantly furloughed that have spent nearly all of the time watching TV and movies and they're now struggling with the thought of having to go back to work. Some other people have not even left their house since March last year and that worries me as when the world does go back to no lockdowns and being able to socialise again are we going to have a pandemic of people scared to go out? I know people that are glued to the news every day and are getting ill because they are so stressed and fearful, and although everything that is going on at the moment is absolutely devastating, if we sit and watch it on the news or we don't watch it everything will still be happening but we will be in a completely different place emotionally and mentally because we're not focused on all of the bad news (bad news sells papers so we don't hear about the good things happening around the world).

But then for others it has been the best time as it's meant a time to recharge and reset. For some people that have been furloughed they have used that time to start the business they've dreamt about for years but have never had the energy to do before because they were constantly tired from working. I know business owners that are thriving now and because of the lockdowns and restrictions they're trying new revenue streams and products they never would have tried before when business was ticking along as usual. Although it's difficult not being able to see our family and friends some people are closer than ever because they are speaking more and for longer on video and on the phone as they have the headspace and time to do it and other families that were like ships passing in the night pre lockdown they are now doing things together