Are you ready for The Great Transition…

I was out walking the other day and because it’s rained so much the walk I was on was muddy so I was completely focused on where I was putting my feet so I didn't slip and not at all focused on the gorgeous surroundings or where I was going and it got me thinking that’s how life has been for most of us for the last 2 years, just focusing on the now and the next step not daring to look too far into the future.

For a lot of Business Owners their sole focus has been on keeping the business afloat and going amid a constant changing world with rules changing daily that nearly always affected their business. A lot of Business Owners I know have done amazing things and taken their business's to new heights over the last 2 years however I do wonder how many of them have done that while focusing on their feet and just the next step they were taking as the future has been so unknown and until now there didn't seem to be an end date! I also wonder if they truely appreciate and consciously realise everything they have achieved over the last 2 years and what an amazing thing it is that they are still in business and on top of that thriving!

With everything opening back up and all restrictions and rules being removed it feels like parts of the world are finally waking up from the dark nightmare the last 2 years have been.

I’ve seen phases like “The Great Resignation” and “Long Lockdown Syndrome” used in articles I’ve read recently but one thing I’m not seeing as much is about the transition we are going through now getting back to our ‘normal’ pre pandemic lives.

Some people I’ve spoken to are feeling completely flat, unmotivated and are struggling to focus on the future and where they go from here and I completely get that! We‘ve been living under a heavy dark cloud for so long, now the ‘weather’ is turning its like waking up from a long sleep and I know if I sleep for too long I feel like a zombie the following day so no wonder people are feeling like this after 2 years of living like this!

For the last 2 years we’ve been told it’s dangerous to visit family, see friends, get on a train/travel or go into the office and now that everything is opening back up I know some people can’t wait to get back into the office but for a lot of people working from home has become normal now and the thought of going back into the office with the daily commute is enough to make them leave their jobs and in some cases even change career or start out on their own! (Cue The Great Resignation)

We need more conversations about the transition some people are going through now. A lot of people have been living in a constant state of fear for 2 years and constantly watching and reading doomsday daily headlines and thinking the worst. That feeling isn’t going to disappear over night. I’ve read comments on articles where people haven’t left their house for 2 years because they were scared of catching the virus, how do those people now feel being told they’ve got to go back into the office and ‘focus on the future’ and basically get on with life?

On the flip side of this is Business Owners who are paying rent and bills on office space that they want their employees working in again. How do you have conversations to let your employees know it’s ok to go back into the office? While taking into consideration how they’re feeling and managing that but also at the end of the day knowing you need to keep your business running as those employees won’t otherwise get paid?! If having them working at home hasn’t been working how you wanted it to and you now have the choice to have everyone back in the office, how do you now deal with that? I can't find any clear guidance for Employers online that sets out steps on how to do this so for Business Owners the worry now is if they push too hard are they going to end up with an employment tribunal case against them OR are they going to loose good staff because there are so many working from home positions available now?

I don’t have the answers and I don’t think any one person does, everyone has reacted differently to the pandemic and everyone feels differently now about most of the world finally opening up again. This is why I think there needs to be more support for Business Owners around this and also more conversations and support for Employees returning to work that are still living under that heavy dark cloud of fear.

The Great Resignation...

We all spend a lot of time focused on where we are now and what we don’t want or what we want to get away from (I have caught myself doing this recently) that we don’t take a moment to stop and look up at what’s around us (what we have achieved over the last 2 years) or what direction we want to be going in now.

After thinking about about how so many people I know have achieved SO much over the last couple of years and have worked so hard to start new businesses, build current businesses (even in the climate that we were living in) and to improve their lives it’s easy to disregard just how much we have achieved and stay focused on everything that’s wrong.

I think it’s a good thing to look back at our achievements and then just take a moment to stop and take in our surroundings and think about what we want in our future and start a plan on how we can make that happen. It won’t happen overnight but you if you don’t start taking steps now to make it happen I guarantee you it will never happen.

With all of that in mind, what have you achieved over the last 2 years? Be completely honest with yourself, don't play down what you have achieved, celebrate it!

What are you GOING to achieve over the next 2 years and how are you going to do that? Do you have a plan? Are you completely clear about what you want to achieve?

Are you asking yourself questions like:
  • What direction am I going in? (Where am I headed)

  • What is my end goal?

  • Am I completely clear about what I want (financially, career, personally, health) and not just saying things like "I want more money" or "I want to be healthier" - Be completely clear on what that will look like when you achieve it -

  • How much money do you want to be earning, if you have your own business how many customers you want to be working with/products sold -

  • What will your services/products look like (are they priced so that you will hit your financial goal),

  • Do you want to loose weight? What weight do you want to be?

I heard a great story and I can't remember who told it about someone that had said they wanted more money so the speaker asked them to stand up and be more clear about what they wanted and the person in the audience said they just needed more money so the speaker gave them a $1 note and said there now you've achieved your goal....

Focusing on what you HAVE achieved over the last 2 years and what you are GOING to achieve over the next 2 years is a great start to working through the transition and creating what your new normal will look like.

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