• Vikki


Updated: Sep 8, 2020

With all of the changes that are going on at the moment have your goals / dreams changed? Have they changed for the better? Have you had time to sit and wonder what you actually want out of YOUR life?

When you sat and thought about what YOU really want from life did it fill you with excitement or fear of the future and fear of failure?

Or did the thoughts cross your mind and then the negative gremlins came in telling you that you’d never achieve it so what’s the point in thinking about it?

What if you could achieve it?

And the goals and dreams that you’re thinking about could be broken down into smaller goals and actions that are achievable? Ok, it might take a little longer than you originally planned when you had that initial thought but how would it feel to know that you are working towards your goals every day?

Or being able to measure and see your achievements instead of just focusing on the big goal and how you haven’t achieved that big goal and ignoring all of the little achievements that you are achieving every day/week/month/year?

There is a great tool called History Highway that is amazing at doing just that!

I have included the full exercise below if you would like to do it. This is an amazing tool for breaking a goal down into achievable action steps and putting an action plan into place.

How it works: (you will need a piece of paper or your journal for this)

What do you really want?

This could be a business goal, a professional dream/goal, a financial goal, a personal dream/goal.

Write it down.

Lets first look into the future, you’re at the date at which you said to yourself you would have achieved your big goal/dream:

You haven’t achieved your goal/dream, you’ve actually monumentally failed! Looking back from the future to now write down– I would have achieved my goal if I had…………………………

Write down ALL of the things that if you had done them you would have achieved your goal.