Today Is Better Because....

In March 2020 when we went into the first lockdown my friend and I were on the phone one evening talking about everything that was going on and how difficult being in lockdown was going to be for some people. I'm not completely sure how the idea came up but we decided to set up a Facebook group called Today Is Better Because.... and we promised to post in it every day something that made that day better than the day before.

I haven't thought about that group in a while as it died out during the summer when things went back to a sort of normality but I was talking to another friend this week and I told her about it and it got me thinking...

During that first lockdown constantly looking and creating ways to make my day better than the previous day kept me focused on all of the positives around me

and although the negatives were still there I wasn't as focused on them because my main goal each day was to find something to make my day better that the day before.

Now here we are 10 months later and we are in a full lockdown again that we don't know when it will end, the weather isn't great (it's been quite miserable and it gets dark a lot earlier now) it's got me thinking I am going to start doing that again every day and journaling why today is better because...

If you are struggling with the lockdown or even if you just want something positive to focus on every day why don't you give a go?

You can share it on social media or it could be something that you do for yourself. It is so much fun each day to be creating something (I started gardening for the first time in my life and I now look at the 4 lemon trees, that I started from seeds out of a lemon, each day and even during the winter months they're growing), or doing something that makes you smile (it could be going for a walk and making a conscious decision to take in everything around you and the beauty of nature), or it could be learning a new skill (do you want to learn to cook, write, draw there are so many things you can do) or it could be reading a book a week/month or taking a break from the news and watching motivational or funny videos on You Tube or TV. It doesn't matter what you do as long as it makes you smile and it makes TODAY BETTER BECAUSE.....

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