Why Have A Vision Board?

Do you have a vision board?

What do you use it for?

Do you use it as a tool to keep you focused on the direction you want to be going in or do you use it and put things on there to dream about that you never think you’re going to achieve?

I found vision boards a few years ago and since then every New Years Eve and New Years Day I update mine (I have one for my career and financial goals and one for my personal/spiritual goals. I keep my career/financial vision board in front of my computer screen so I have a constant visual in front of me to keep me focused on where I am going and what my end goals are).

If you don't have a vision board and you are thinking about creating one good on you. Having a visual reminder of what you want is a great motivator and it will focus your brain onto achieving what you want to achieve!

I always keep the images and pictures from previous years and I've found that every year I've done it so far I have achieved something from a previous year that I hadn't given much conscious thought to after changing the images at the end of that year.

If you aren't sure how to create a vision board I have included below how I create mine however all vision boards are personal to the person creating them so what works for me might not work for you but it is a starting point. I have found my vision boards have grown with me over the time I have been doing them and being able to look back to what I had on my first vision board 4 years ago really shows me how much I have grown personally and professionally in the last 4 years! So with that in mind if you are planning on updating yours every year keep the previous years pictures and images and you might find, like me, in a few years time when you're looking back how much you have grown in those years and also how much you have achieved!

How I create my vision board:

Before I even start looking for images or creating goals to put onto my vision board I sit and write what I want to achieve in the next 12 months.

For example what is important to you health wise, financially, professionally and when you think about those things where do you want to be with them in the next 12 months (if you are planning on updating your vision board on a yearly basis)?

One of my goals this year that is important to me professionally, financially and in my health is FOCUS! I want to stay focused and motivated so I looked for images to remind me to stay focused (in front of me right now is an image I found on Google that says "Dream Big, Set Goals, Take Action" and underneath that is "Imagine With All Of Your Mind, Believe With All Of Your Heart and Achieve With All Of Your Might!" and then I have reminders of what I want to achieve, I also have a "2021 achievements list" where I have written out everything I want to achieve as if I have already achieved it)