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What is good that is happening in your world RIGHT NOW?

What is good that is happening in your world RIGHT NOW?

I put myself on a complete news ban a few weeks ago because if I’m completely honest I was becoming addicted to searching for the news headlines to find out what was happening with the pandemic and also it seemed like the help available and the laws were changing daily so they were my "excuses" for constantly checking the news (before the pandemic I’d stopped watching the news a few years ago!) and I noticed that I was getting more demotivated and down as it felt like every article I read it was like the world was about to end which was making me feel more stressed, panicked and miserable about what was going on and how it was going to affect me long term (I am classed as an “at risk” person because I have a mechanical heart valve so you can imagine the stories I was telling myself after reading about doomsday!)

For the last few weeks I have been in my “happy bubble”, absolutely NOTHING has changed in my life apart from not looking at or listening to the news and I’ve been on top of the world, more productive, motivated, energised and I’ve felt a lot better in myself as well..

Until Wednesday... When I put the radio on for a change of music I had on the in background while I worked (I had been listening to the same playlist for 3 weeks so the songs I loved 3 weeks ago were starting to get repetitive) and within 3 HOURS the news I heard was shocking - among the news that seemed like it was played every few songs I heard a poor lady was beheaded in a church in France (what times are we living in when something like this happens and in a place of worship?!), the cases are suspected to be above 100,000 a day in the UK and they’re talking about cancelling Christmas but nothings confirmed it’s just talk a the moment! As I listened to this I noticed my state and how I felt had completely changed to how I felt before turning the radio on. I ended up turning off the radio station and going back to my 3 week old playlist.

This really got me thinking about how much all of the unconscious negative news feeds we are all being fed all day every day is affecting us all on top of us all dealing with everything going on at the moment. So I decided to google “What is good that is happening in the world RIGHT NOW?” as I was originally going to write this blog on everything positive that was happening around the world. The most recent article about good things happening was dated July 2020 (it’s now the end of October 2020) and even that started with everything bad that had happened this year, the most recent post on page 2 of Google (September 2020) was titled “Three emergencies happening in the world right now that are not coronavirus”?! (I actually checked my search terms hadn't changed after seeing that one!)

After seeing that search I wanted to write this to ask you all


Are you looking for good things that are happening? It might be seeing your kids smiling face when you wake up or in my case waking up to my cats purring face staring at me or it could be a funny or loving text from your partner or it could be something absolutely amazing that is happening in your life right now!


OR is your mind consumed with all of the panic, sadness for the people suffering and the negative information from the news? Please don’t misunderstand me here, my heart goes out to all of the people that have lost people and for the people that are suffering and I really hope that things pick up for them.

We are living through a pandemic and it’s the most scariest times most of us have ever lived through but if we constantly focus on how bad everything is and listening to news that sounds like the people that used to stand on street corners wearing a sandwich board shouting the world is going to end how is this going to affect us in the long term? How is it affecting your life right now? Do you wake up happy in the morning looking forward to the day ahead or are you waking up in a miserable fog dreading turning the TV on because what are today’s headlines going to be?

I would like to challenge you

(if you would like to do this) to put yourself on a news "detox" for just a week and monitor your mood, your thoughts and the way you are feeling every day. If you usually spend a set amount of time each day watching the news why not find funny videos and watch those videos during the time you would normally be watching the news and see how you feel after watching things that make you laugh out loud instead of wanting to crawl into a black hole and hide (that’s how the news makes me feel at the moment!)

I would love to hear about your experience if you decide to take the challenge, my email is vikki@amour.coach

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