• Vikki

What is your WHY?

I’ve been reading a book by Dean Graziosi recently and there’s an exercise in the book called the 7 levels deep exercise that I wanted to share with you. (The book is called Millionaire Success Habits and I would definitely recommend reading it).

If, with everything happening at the moment, you’re sat wondering what your why is and maybe why you went into business and why you do what you do this exercise could be a complete game changer for you!

The exercise is below. Before sitting down to do this I would recommend making sure you have some time and a quiet place where you can completely focus and please take this seriously as you will be completely blown away at the end of it. This is more powerful if you can do it with a partner but it's not a necessity.

7 Levels Deep Exercise as taught in Dean Graziosi's book Millionaire Success Habits:

The 7 Levels Deep Exercise can be used to help determine what really drives you to accomplish anything in life.

The below is a sample outcome example but please use your own goal/outcome/dream/want. This is meant to help you figure out your WHY... your driving force for success.

It's crucial that you follow it through to the 7th question.


7 Levels Deep Exercise Example: Goal/Outcome/Want: "I want to get organized"

Question #1. "Why do you want to get organized"

Answer: "Because it will make me happy "

Question #2. "Why will getting organized make you happy?"

Answer: "Because when I am organized, I am happy."

Question #3. "Are you only happy when you are organized? And are you only sad when you're not organized?"

Answer: "Well no, but I think it will be what I need to be happy "

Question 4: "Why is it IMPORTANT to you to be happy? Why do you think getting organized will make you happy?" Dig deep here and try to think from your heart.

The next question will be used in response to the previous answer and so on until you answer question 7 and find out your WHY.

Now lets get started, grab a blank piece of paper or your journal or if you're with a partner, consider recording it and simply allow yourself to be present with your thoughts and then you can take notes from your recording afterwards.