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When was the last time you felt REALLY excited about something?

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

I mean the excitement that you can feel it building in your tummy or when you think about whatever that thing is for you, you can’t help but really smile or when you think about hearing about it, it literally makes you want to jump and down with joy, that kind of excitement. When was the last time you felt that excited about something?

When you think about the emotional state you were in when you felt that excited... how were you standing or sitting? What was your body posture like? Were you smiling? It's practically impossible to feel really motivated and excited if you're slouched over in a defeated position. Please could I ask you, before you continue with this post, to sit up straight, push your chest out and smile while you're reading it and doing the exercise included. Or take a second, stand up and do a hero pose (you might feel like a bit of wally for a few seconds but I guarantee it will make you smile and brighten up how you're feeling even if you're having the best day ever!)

There hasn’t been so many opportunities for a lot of people this year to feel that excitement and especially for a lot of business owners with the second lockdown here but....what would it feel like if you’d come up with an idea to grow your business in a different way that could be done remotely and even when things open up again it’s something that would be an additional revenue stream?

I have been looking at different ways to expand my businesses recently and I feel like I have a new lease of life! I have loads of energy, I’m happy and completely focused because I’m focusing on the opportunities and how by trying out and making those changes I can hopefully make positive impacts on other peoples lives which literally makes me want to jump and down with excitement. Ok, maybe they won’t all work and if they don’t then I’ll try a new approach or something different but while I’m focusing on doing them, how to do them and learning everything I need to be able to do them I am loving life and I’m excited for the future. Maybe you’re struggling to work out what that new thing is? I know for some business owners the lockdown has happened again and it’s hard not to completely focus on how you are going to pay your business overheads, how your staff are going to survive again only earning 80% of their wages, how you’re going to survive personally and all of the bad what if’s like when the lockdowns are going to end and everything else that could go wrong. If you are struggling to work out what that thing is I would recommend trying (I know I have mentioned this before but it works and it’s something that has really helped me to focus) is focusing on what you love about your business and what problem you love solving for people by doing what you do.

Then write a list, while you’re doing this write down everything that comes into your mind. Once you have about a page of reasons and things you love about your business (minimum 10-20 things) stop and go through the list and circle anything that can be done remotely.

Now looking at the items you have circled on your list what could you focus on doing now while you’re in lockdown and have some time to do it?

I know it’s easy for me to suggest doing this and you might be thinking these suggestions are great but then where do I start with no spare money to get things set up like a website to sell your items. If you have products to sell have you looked at selling through Facebook Marketplace, local selling sites, Amazon or eBay? (Although some of these do take a commission). Do you have your own Facebook page? Are you on LinkedIn? If you sell products do you have an Instagram page? You can set up places to advertise your products or services for free on these and then if you join groups where you would find your ideal client you can interact with people who could be looking for exactly what you offer! By focusing on everything that’s going wrong at the moment nothing is going to change! By shifting your focus to what you could do it will change everything and if the first thing doesn’t work you can always adapt it and try something else, if you haven’t spent any money on it and you’re at home at the moment anyway what have you lost? If you don’t try anything and you’re sitting at home focusing on everything that is wrong with your situation what are you 100% definitely going to loose by not shifting your focus?

Now thinking about the opportunities you can create for your business, can you feel the excitement starting to build?

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