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You’ve got to believe it to achieve it!

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

How many times have you heard that phase or something similar to it?

It took me a lot longer than I realised to completely understand that phase and the true meaning behind it. I’ve always dreamed big but unconsciously never really believed I would achieve those dreams and I doubted that I was good enough. Those doubts and fears were complete blockers to me, the saying if you believe you can or you believe you can’t you're right was so true for me.

By not believing I could, I never really went full out and took the action needed to achieve my dreams!

Have you ever struggled with something like this? You say to yourself that you want financial freedom and to be successful financially and professionally in your career or your business but in your mind you had doubts that you weren’t good enough to get to the level that you wanted to be at so you never went for the promotion or starting the business of your dreams?

Or maybe you started your business but then the doubt gremlins kicked in so you didn’t really go for it and put yourself out there which then confirmed your fears you couldn’t do it? Or you went for the promotion but didn’t fully commit to the interview as in your head you had already been turned down so what was the point and then when you didn’t get the job it confirmed your fears so you settled for where you are?

It was only when I started learning NLP and being coached myself that I realised how much I was holding myself back from living the life I wanted to live and being truly happy in my life no matter what was going on around me and that is when I had the realisation that you have to truly believe you can if you want to achieve your dreams.

By becoming conscious of how I was holding myself back financially and professionally by thinking and believing the things I had believed about myself I was able to start making changes personally in the way I thought about myself, the way I talked to myself (this was a BIG one) and in my life and by doing that it gave me the confidence to go for what I wanted and to believe I CAN achieve anything I set my mind to! Everything in this world started from an idea and then someone executing that idea and believing they could do it, they had that vision and they went for it.

What’s your vision?

Do you have a dream that you’ve thought about a lot but not taken action towards it? It might be a professional dream (you have a business idea you want to start or you want to move up the career ladder) or it might be a personal dream (a 5* holiday, making savings every month, taking control of your finances, buying a house the list is never ending) – What is holding you back from taking small steps towards that goal?

Have you ever let yourself imagine what it would be like to reach that goal?

When you think of what it will be like when you reach that goal, what would you have done to achieve it?

What did you need to achieve it?

Who did you need to be to achieve it? Or who did you have around you when you achieved it?

I believe that YOU can achieve anything you want to achieve if you set your mind to it, believe you can, put action plans in place (and stick to them) and know that Rome wasn’t built in a day so take it easy on yourself and know that although it will take time and massive action and effort you can have anything you want.

Just keep believing you will achieve it!

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