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You’ve got to believe it to see it….not the other way around

Do you need to see something to believe it or do you know you need to believe it to see it?

There is a tribe in Namibia that has no word for the colour blue so when they were shown a picture with green squares and one blue square most of the tribe members did not see the blue square they saw them all as green. The members that could distinguish there was a square that didn't match the others couldn't put into words what they were seeing and it took them a considerable amount of time to "see" the blue square. To them blue doesn't exist because they don't have a word or meaning for it, just because they can't see it doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

The phone or computer you’re using to read this and the internet you’re using all exist because someone believed they could invent it, they could ‘see’ it in their mind. If those people had lived by the saying you need to see it to believe it you wouldn’t be reading this blog. That goes for so many of the amazing inventions we have and use on a daily basis!

Do you own a business and you want to grow it or are you starting a business? If you don’t believe you can grow or start your business then you won’t do it.

I personally believe starting a business is a process but it all starts with a THOUGHT (a belief that you can make it happen and in your minds eye you see what you want to achieve) and then taking ACTION and persistence to make it happen. For most of the population this takes time and because it doesn’t happen overnight or sometimes some people receive a few setbacks some give up and sometimes right before their business takes off!

If you are starting a business or now looking at growing your business a good place to start is your business plan, I have written about some of the things you can include in your business plan in the Road To Success blog here: http://www.amour.coach/post/road-map-to-success

By sitting down and focusing on what you want to achieve and then setting realistic goals broken down into action steps you are on the path to success and when you're having an off day or you receive a set back revisit your goals and celebrate how far you have come already and then refocus on where you are going and WHY you are doing what you're doing (you are working towards the vision you have of where you want to be)

If you are starting a business or you want to grow your business and you want some assistance putting into words what that vision looks like then why not book a free 30 minute discovery call to see if business coaching is for you? You can book that here

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