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The first couple of years in business and then running a small business is like a rocket getting ready for take off...

If you've not set your flight plan (business plan and clear end result goals), checked you've got enough fuel for the journey (financial goals) and done all of the critical checks (cashflow / mindset) how can you press the launch button and expect to get to your destination?

Having the right tools in place to help with things like overwhelm and to also help you to get completely clear on what your END RESULT is and simple exercises on how you are going to get there can be invaluable to a small business owner. 

It's great sitting and getting clear on your vision for your business and what you want to achieve but if you don't sit down and put a clear action plan in place with dates on when you are going to complete those actions then all of the work you put in getting clear on what you want to achieve is a waste of your time and energy because NOTHING will change!

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Do you struggle to stick to the goals that you set?

You might have a day where you work on your business or you do a workshop and set these amazing goals and then...nothing changes and after a week or a month you gradually stop taking action and then life takes over and before you know it you're a year ahead and still in the same position. 

It's also so easy to get excited and set these amazing big goals and then the doubt niggles start and you get overwhelmed because you've set goals like you're a superhero with 72 hours to every day.


Learn how to set business goals using an action plan and your calendar, setting small daily goals and then checking in with yourself will get you a lot further than going full out and then burning out and getting overwhelmed because you're doing too much.

Are you ready to start your road map to success - action plan?

Overcoming Overwhelm
  • What is a business blocker? Learn how to stop your business blockers
  • Focus on what's moving your business forward - What can you go to move your business forward 
  • Small Steps - Overcoming procrastination
Setting your GPS - Action Planning
  • Setting your GPS on where you want to go 
  • Where are you now - Where do you want to be?  What's the gap
  • Your business profile
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Moving Forward and Take Off
  • Accountability - How to keep yourself accountable
  • Benchmarking - What is it and how can it help your business
  • Why daily goals as well as 30 and 90 day goals?
  • Are you ready to get started?

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